A level coursework

Your exam essay in any of the subject needs a thorough understanding as well as analytical skills. You should go through with the tutorials and lectures provided to you by your teachers and if given an option of selection, should carefully select topic of your essay or assignment. There are more than hundred good topics in every subject. Each topic needs an introduction and you should plan design and thereafter should start writing work on any of the essay.

You should look out for references. You can go to the library and find out the relevant books and journals. You can note down the details of these books or journals so that necessary citations can be made later. You should begin with brief introduction in your exam essay. The introduction should be followed by critical examination of the particular work or analysis of data or work. Whatever the critical examination or work it is, it should be supported by figures, data, graphs, quotations or maps and at the end of your work, you should add references in particular format as desired by your teacher.

Your AS or A level exam work should be logically and grammatically correct and it should be rechecked before submitting it to the institute or university. It is actually a very important assignment for you and you should try to include your own views about the specific topic chosen by you. If you are unable to understand the way in which your report should be designed, you can contact to your teacher and he or she will be ready to help you in telling you the format of the assignment or essay.

The most important task for every student is to submit the AS or A level exam essay in time. In no way you should cross the time limit. Planning from early days will be beneficial for you and you should stick to it. Your report should be original and plagiarism free and if you have taken any quotation, reference from other sources, it should be properly cited. In the past there are instances that students get caught for copying the text from other sources without referencing it in the assignment. Plagiarism is not desirable and all universities and educational institutes takes strict disciplinary action against students found copying from other sources.

A well planned A level coursework, hard work and dedication are the key attributes and these factors can enhance your final scores. You should ensure that your a level coursework is prepared with full dedication and as per guidelines provided by the teacher and at the same time it is written in a professional way so that you achieve excellence in your final examination.

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