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Academic writing takes various forms depending on the type of assignment as well as the type academic writing style applied. For example an essay is definitely going to be very different from an annotated bibliography because the two assignments are different categories and they are each meant to be for a different purpose. Similarly, an essay written MLA (Modern Language Association) writing style is bound to be totally different from a similar essay written in APA (American Psychological Association) writing style. Therefore, the form that any academic literary piece takes differs depending on the academic writing style applied as well as the form of assignment.

 There are numerous writing styles applicable in writing, but in this short piece of writing the highlight shall be focused on the Chicago writing style paper. A Chicago writing style paper is a paper written in one of the most flexible styles that is applicable in most forms of academic writing. The style offers greater flexibility because it has two modes of referencing which are all acceptable within the academic writing field. The first is the author-date system which is similar to the APA style, but slightly different and the notes style-which applies either end notes or footnotes when making references.

A Chicago writing style paper is written in the author-date style and this is mostly preferred in natural, social and physical sciences, whereas; a Chicago writing style paper with the notes is mostly preferable for history, literature and the arts.

The in-text citations in a Chicago writing style paper are made in a parenthetical format in which the author/s’ last name/s and date are included within the brackets. The Chicago writing style paper also may have the page of the book included in the exact position where it fits into if needed to make actual referencing simple and easier. An in-text citation in Chicago writing style paper looks as follows: (Johnson 24, 23). These citations within a Chicago writing style paper should be preferably placed at the end of the punctuation marks or rather a place where they offer least resistance to the flow of thoughts and ideas. Full citations of sources in a Chicago writing style paper are placed at the end of the Chicago writing style paper and these have to be ordered in an alphabetical manner with all the details listed within the list.

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